Exceptional Range of Natural Loose Diamonds

At Source of Gems, we specialize in providing a wide selection of natural loose diamonds to jewelers across the MENA region. Our inventory includes a variety of shapes, sizes, and qualities, ensuring we meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Premium Round Diamonds in Various Sizes and Qualities

Our collection features round diamonds ranging from H SI2 quality to E VVS1 quality. Catering to both small and large requirements, we offer sizes from 0.003cts up to 3cts. All of our white diamonds are natural and untreated, showcasing their pure and unaltered beauty.

A Wide Array of Fancy Shapes

In addition to round diamonds, we keep a large stock of fancy shapes including princess, baguettes, marquise, pear shapes, and ovals. Most of these fancy shape diamonds are of high quality, predominantly F color VS1, perfect for exquisite and unique jewelry designs.

Certified Diamonds for Assurance

For diamonds larger than 0.40 carat, whether round or fancy shapes, we provide certificates from renowned institutions like GIA or HRD. Our certified range includes diamonds from D-J color and VVS1 to Si2, offering a spectrum of choices to suit various preferences and requirements.

Exclusive Collection of Colored Diamonds

We also offer a selection of colored diamonds in commercial quality, including brown, black, grey, yellow, and treated blue, available in round shapes. These colored diamonds add a unique touch to any jewelry piece, catering to clients looking for something out of the ordinary.

Guaranteed Quality and Authenticity

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. All our diamonds are thoroughly tested and screened to ensure they are natural and free from any lab-grown origins or treatments. This guarantee of authenticity and quality is at the heart of what we offer at Source of Gems.

Source of Gems is your go-to destination for natural loose diamonds. With our extensive range of sizes, shapes, and qualities, we are confident in meeting the needs of jewelers looking for the finest in diamond selection.