Exquisite Rubies for Luxurious Jewelry

At Source of Gems, we specialize in providing the finest rubies, known for their deep red hue and brilliance, ideal for luxurious jewelry. Our selection includes a variety of shapes, sizes, and origins, catering to diverse preferences and designs.

Diverse Shapes and Sizes

Our ruby collection boasts an extensive range of shapes including rounds, ovals, pear shapes, marquise, emerald cuts, and baguettes both faceted and cabochon. We understand the importance of precision in jewelry design, which is why we offer rubies starting from as small as 0.7mm in diameter for rounds, up to magnificent pieces of 10 carats. In addition, we also offer some Ruby beads, briolettes and drops suitable for making beautiful jewelry pieces.

Calibrated Sizes for Perfect Fit

We take pride in our vast assortment of calibrated size rubies, ensuring a perfect fit for your jewelry designs. This precision in sizing allows for seamless integration into various jewelry pieces, enhancing their overall aesthetic and value.

Ethical and High-Quality Origins

Our commitment to quality and ethics is reflected in our sourcing. We offer rubies primarily from Mozambique, Burma, and Siam – regions renowned for their exceptional rubies. Each gemstone is carefully selected to ensure both beauty and integrity.

Heat Treatment for Enhanced Beauty

The majority of our rubies undergo heat treatment, a standard and accepted practice in the gemstone industry, to enhance their color and clarity. This process brings out the best in each ruby, ensuring that you receive a gemstone of unparalleled beauty.

Certified Rubies for Assurance

For those seeking the highest quality, we offer certified rubies. These pieces come with certifications, providing an added layer of assurance regarding their quality, origin, and treatment. Ideal for high-end jewelry, these rubies represent the pinnacle of luxury and elegance.

Ideal for High-End Jewelry Settings

Our rubies are frequently chosen for high-end jewelry, often paired with diamonds. Their exceptional quality makes them a favorite among clients looking to create luxurious, eye-catching pieces.

Explore our ruby collection at Source of Gems, where quality meets elegance. Whether you’re a jeweler or a collector, our rubies offer the perfect blend of beauty, quality, and luxury.