Unveil the Splendor of Our Emerald Collection

At Source of Gems, we are proud to present a magnificent array of emeralds, celebrated for their lush green hues and connection to the beauty of the earth. Our collection, sourced primarily from Zambia and Colombia, offers a wide selection of shapes, sizes, and cuts, perfect for crafting high-end jewelry.

Diverse Shapes and Sizes for Every Design

Our emeralds come in both cabochon and faceted forms, featuring a variety of shapes including rounds, ovals, pear shapes, marquise, emerald cuts, and baguettes. Ranging from 0.01cts to 10 carats, our emeralds cater to a broad spectrum of jewelry designs and preferences.

Expertise in Calibrated Cuts

Specializing in calibrated cuts, we ensure that our emeralds are precisely crafted for seamless integration into your jewelry pieces. This specialization highlights the natural allure and brilliance of each emerald, making them a centerpiece in any jewelry setting.

Ethically Sourced Emeralds from Zambia and Colombia

We take pride in ethically sourcing our emeralds from the renowned mines of Zambia and Colombia. This commitment not only ensures the quality of our gemstones but also supports responsible mining practices.

Certified Emeralds for Discerning Clients

For those seeking assurance of quality and authenticity, we offer certified emeralds. These high-end pieces come with certifications, guaranteeing their quality, origin, and value.

Ideal for High-End Jewelry and Diamond Settings

Our emeralds are frequently chosen for luxurious jewelry creations, often paired with diamonds. Their rich green color and exquisite clarity make them a popular choice for sophisticated and elegant designs.

Unique Emerald Beads, Drops, and Briolettes

In addition to traditional cuts, our collection includes emerald beads, drops, and briolettes, offering unique options for creative and distinctive jewelry designs.

Discover the perfect emerald for your next exquisite creation at Source of Gems. Our extensive stock, ranging from classic cuts to unique beads and briolettes, provides endless possibilities for luxury and elegance in jewelry design.